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Databrew would like to do our part in helping the public better understand the data behind the COVID19 pandemic, as well as to support organizations and individuals working to fight it. Here are some resources we have compiled.

COVID19 Data Explorer App

An interactive tool for comparing COVID19's epidemic curve across countries and accompanying blog post.


Open-source tools for tracking healthcare workers' locations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
blog post | github

If you are a public health organization fighting COVID19 and need assistance, please contact us at

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Do you need assistance with cleaning, managing, analyzing, or communicating data? Our team's expertise include statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and dashboard development. We are also experienced in writing academic papers and narrative reports in a way that is clear, informative, and accessible to the average person.

Data Science Workshops

Need to integrate R, machine learning, data analysis or visualization into your business or organization? We conduct workshops, classes, and private tutorials in data collection, processing, and analysis for individuals and groups of diverse skill level and area of expertise.