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The world’s first and only

Informed Consent & Monitoring Toolkit

Databrew's ConsentCheck streamlines the process of collecting, digitizing, and managing paper-based informed consent forms for any and all research projects and clinical trials.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Updates Stay informed with instant notifications and updates on the status of ICFs.

  • Remote Accessibility Access and monitor ICF information from anywhere in the world.

  • Data Integrity Secure and encrypted platform safeguards participant information and maintain data integrity.

  • Automated Categorization Optimize workflows by utilizing machine learning for efficient categorization of ICFs.

  • Easy Integration Seamlessly integrate with existing Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems for a smooth transition.

  • Scalability Modular design accommodates varying research needs and study sizes.

Click HERE to see a live demo of a ConsentCheck dashboard

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