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Ever wondered how social science research shapes our world?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Every day, we are exposed to the world of social sciences. Whether it’s following global news, improving personal relationships, or even reflecting on the Roman Empire, social science is essential to all aspects of our lives. So, if you don’t know what social science is or you are interested in social science research, then this article is for you.

What is Social Science?

To start broadly, a dictionary definition of science is the study of the physical and natural world around us through observation and experimentation. However, we are not only interested in science but rather social science. Social science is a field of science that studies humans, society, and their interrelationships. To think of this in plain terms, social science is people studying aspects of people and the group of people in which they live.

Now, think about how many aspects of human life there are: physical health, mental health, our environment, politics, the economy. Now, how many problems can you think of that are associated with each of these categories: high rates of diabetes, depression, pollution, war, inflation. All of these problems are what social science researchers aim to fix. Let’s look at some real social science research projects to better understand social science research in context.

Examples of Social Science in Action

Alleviating health inequalities: Differences in health status are caused by varying distribution of resources, income, and even social exclusion, however every country has differing levels of health inequalities amongst their population. The WHO Western Pacific Region Office conducted an analysis of health inequalities amongst the elderly population of the Philippines to determine what health inequalities are present and why to inform policies that will improve the health of their communities.

Eradicating malaria: According to the CDC, there were nearly 241 million cases of malaria worldwide causing approximately 627,000 deaths. Social science researchers, like the BOHEMIA team, are evaluating the efficacy of the mass drug administration of the antiparasitic drug ivermectin to humans and livestock during malaria season with the aim of supporting global and national policy change.

Preventing lead poisoning: Lead poisoning is preventable, yet unsafe levels of lead exposure have been reported throughout the US. In an attempt to reduce lead poisoning cases, the Chicago Department of Public Health and University of Chicago predicted which Chicago residents were most at risk of lead poisoning using a statistical model.

Social Science Makes the World a Better Place

The original question of this article was how does social science shape our world? Hopefully, you see that social science research aims to improve every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s analyzing health inequalities, preventing diseases, or tackling environmental issues, researchers, like members of the ResearchPro team, work to help academics, researchers, and organisations on their research journey.

Whether you're a student, a researcher, a policymaker, or simply someone passionate about creating a better future, there are ways you can contribute. By supporting social science research, staying informed, and educating others, you become part of a global effort to create a more informed, equitable, and compassionate world. Social science research is not just an academic pursuit; it's a powerful force for positive transformation. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all.

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